How to Cook Egg Baskets

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Got to get that oven pre heated to hot 400 degrees!! Once it's warm and ready go for about 15 min or until the egg muffin had risen.

These are just your platform.. Add peppers and season and what ever you like as well

Half a cup of milk for a dozen eggs quarter cup for half a dozen... Try it with vanilla almond milk. Yummm...

Add your eggs and what ever else you like... I added mrs dash because it's salt free and jalapeño and onion.

Scramble em up !!!!

Then put two smokies per muffin cup..

Start pouring leave a 1/4 inch of room for the eggs to rise.

All ready to be tossed in the warm oven of love. Can't wait till these are done.

Let the games begin

Hope you enjoy!!

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