How to Cook Sausage Stroganoff

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Sausage stroganoff is a swedish version of the russian dish beef stroganoff. It is simple, super fast and childishly tasty.

First we need to chop onions and garlic in small pieces.

Chop the sausages in slices like this. You can use whatever kind you like but i recommend one that is very mild in taste.

Add Onions and garlic to your pan with preheated oil and fry until onions become glossy.

Put the onions in one side of your pan and add tomato paste. If needed some more oil so the paste can be fried properly. It is important to fry the tomato paste so the flavors can come out.

Mix it while frying.

Now the tomatopaste is finished.

Add sausage and paprika. Fry for a tiny while.

Add cream and buljon cube. Add pepper and parsley after taste. And let everything set on low heat for a couple of minutes. Taste, if the sause is too thick add some water.

Finished in ten minutes!

Serve with rice and a fresh sallad. Enjoy!

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