How to Red Angry Bird Nails

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Start off by painting a red circle on the end of your nail like I have in the photo above.

While we wait for the polish to dry, take a dotting tool or a tooth pick and draw two feathers on top of your birds head. One is a bit bigger then the other :)

When your polish is dry take a brush and paint on his white belly :)

Take a dotting tool and make two eyes..

Once that is dry dot on two white eyes, you may need to do it a couple times before they are both the same shape

Add two black eyes over that and add his angry eye brows >/

Add an adorable little yellow beak and you are finished. Sorry if he seems a little odd it's 3 am and I'm not really on my A game :)

I added a cute yellow background with blue glitter :) if I get enough people interested in this I may do the evil green piggies :)

Watch the video: How to Draw Red. The Angry Birds Movie


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