How to Convert a Coleman Spa Gazebo to a Greenhouse

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Remove the spa roofing slats and re-enforce the 2x4s. Rebuild roof box with a vent and piano hinge (to make it a hatch to open if needed), and top with the polycarbonate sheeting.

Studs are about 24" apart and constructed to hold the strips used to attach polycarbonate sheets. I put a window in for ventilation. Opposite the window I installed an exhaust fan.

Inside looking out. The cement floor was poured for the hot tub. The gazebo had 4x4 corner posts. Anchoring the 2x4's to the cement between the 4x4 posts was the most difficult.

The roof is finished. I stained the studs.

You can see how the additional 2x4's had to be at a slant on the roof to carry the polycarbonate sheets..

I attached the strips, the sheeting and flashed the roof on the exterior, and built the benches at two different heights.

Oh yeah and I installed a screen door. My engineer husband then walked me through installing three electrical outlets, a light switch and light - all sealed from water and all 6.5 feet from the floor

I installed an exhaust fan and encased it for safety. We have a 7 year old grand daughter.

Seeds are sprouting now! We will add an evaporative cooler as we live in Arizona.

Night shot of my project. I'm in my mid 60's and grew up in my Dad's workshop. Thank you Dad for looking down on me as I worked on this. I love and miss you.

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