How to Make Chappatis

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Grab 200g of flour (wholehrain or white) and make a well. Add water (100ml ish) a bit at a time till you get dough.

This could make you six to eight balls. Now most people would say leave the for 15mins but it doesnt matter.

Top tipdip 2 or 3 fingers in water and then grab the ball. With the other hand geab flour to sprinkle the board. The moistness will give a more rollable ball. Then roll and turn for a circle shape

Heat a pan , dry, then rub butter on it. Not too much.

Remember to roll and turn and get it almost thin enough it breaks. But dont let it break.

The butter will stop it sticking and add flavour. Keep it moving slightly and press slightly. Keep turning to check if its looking pretty but try to only cook one side at a time.

Whilst heating on the pan, you should be rolling as well. As you finish one pan, you will need to butter and add what you've rolled...etc. You might soon see a pile emerge. Enjoy !

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