How to Cook Spaghetti

The ingredients.

Boil the Noodles until soft and cooked.

Cut the Onions, Tomatoes and Sausages.

Cut open the Tomato Paste.

Shred the Cheese block.

Fry the cut onions until aromatic.

Fry the Minced Beef together with the aromatic cut Onions.

When the Minced Beef turns brown, pour the cut Tomatoes in.

Add in the Chili and Tomato Ketchup. And pour in the Tomato Paste aswell incorporating with the ingredients.

Put in the cut Sausages.

Put in the Oregano leaves. Mix well. And after that, it is done.

For the last step, sprinkle the shredded Cheese on top of your Spaghetti. Enjoy :)

Watch the video: Spaghetti Aglio E Olio: 5 Ingredient Pasta Recipe!

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