How to Make a Spinach Tortilla (Omelette)

Clean the spinach in cold water and take the tail off. ----- Limpia las espinacas en agua fría, cortales el rabo y trocealas al gusto.

Slice the mushrooms to your taste. I use two small mushrooms. (1 service). ------ Cortas las setas al gusto. Dos setas si es para una persona.

I used 3 jumbo eggs. ---- He usado 3 huevos de tamaño Jumbo

Shake the eggs an add salt. Taste it to see if is the correct salt amount. ------- Bate los huevos y sazonalos con sal. Prueba para controlar si la cantidad es suficiente.

Mix all ingridients. ----- Mezcla todos los ingredientes.

Choose a good pan. I use the 8 inch one. Is important that the pan is non sticky. ----- Usa una buena sartén. He usado una de 8 pulgadas. Es importante que sea buena para que no se pegue.

Cover the pan with oil. ----- Empapa la sartén en aceite.

I use the misto oil spray. ----- He usado el spray misto.

Put the pan on the heat. Heat 7 over 9. Leave until it starts to smell. Do not let the oil to burn. Use the espatula to help to not stick. ----- Pon la sarten al fuego. 7/9. Usa la espatula.

Put a plate over when you fill the botton is cook. Put your hand over the plate, grab the pan and flip it 180 degrees without fear until the cook part is on the botton of the plate.

Then, put it back on the pan and cook the other side.

When finish, put it in a new plate. Is ready for eat it. Depending on the time, it will be more cooked or less. Is up to you. I liked no very cook. You can add parmessan cheese over it. Que aproveche

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