How to Create Easy Labels for Your Old Laptop

I have a black desk and a 4+ year old MacBook. It's hard to find the correct ports for my cords sometimes so I decided to make it easier for myself.

Obviously, you might be reluctant to do this to a brand new computer. I don't mind since mine is so old.

Warning! Children should be supervised when using a knife for this project. Then again, children probably shouldn't have a laptop...

Here's all of my supplies. I used sticky notes, a pocket knife, an ultra fine point Sharpie, my Mac, and Scotch tape. I used an old tv stand as my cutting board. Go figure, I'm lazy.

Start out by drawing/writing whatever symbol you want for your port. I used some headphones for my audio port. Be sure to make it small enough so that it fits well enough.

Take your knife and cut it out into whatever shape you want. I used a square but I could have used a triangle, star, circle, or any other closed plane shape. Be creative!

Take a small piece of tape and fold over an edge (so that it is easier to pull up). Put your cut out piece of paper on the tape and cut any extra tape off. Leave enough for it to stick though.

Place on your computer as shown! There are two audio port holes on my Mac and its difficult for me to find it. That's why I decided to make this!

Now you can be creative and make more labels! This may look "tacky" to some, but it's a simple solution to a minor headache of mine. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks!

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