How to Zebra Nails With Pink Tip

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Start off with your white base coat.

Add your pink sparkle tip it doesn't have to be perfect because we are going to outline the bottom with rhinestones :)

Add your smile lines if you want. A smile line gives the tip depth. Flip between this photo and the previous photo to see the difference between the tip. You don't have to add a smile line :)

Add your zebra stripes. These stripes aren't my normal work since I didn't have a Striper and I had to do these with a paintbrush. To learn how to do a zebra line look at my previous guides :)

Start adding rhinestones. You can purchase rhinestones on eBay for 2.00 for 20,000 of them :)

Here is your finished product :)

Add a topcoat, you can use this as an accent nail by paint the rest of your nails pink.

Watch the video: Acid Leopard Nail Art Tutorial


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