How to Apply Full Makeup (Without Looking Plastic!)

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This is what you will need.

Start with a clean face, no makeup!

Apply concealer under eyes, around nose, and on any blemishes you may have.

Blend the concealer with the sponge....

And apply your powder foundation all over your face and under your chin. Be sure to get over your eyes too!

Apply your primer to the eye.

Once the primer is blended, you can begin with our shadow. I am doing "smokey eye," so I cover my whole lid with shimmery white.

Then I add gray to the outer half of my eye. Blend well!!

Then I apply black to the outermost corners of my eye. Blend well again....

Under my eyes (like an eyeliner) I apply Almay eye brightener. I use the white tip.

Curl your lashes...(optional)

And apply your favorite mascara!

Apply your blush. I used a cream blush (Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink).

Apply lip stain or lipstick or even lipgloss!


Tell me what you think about this guide, and let me know if you have any future suggestions!

Watch the video: NO FOUNDATION GLAM Makeup Tutorial!


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