How to French Braid

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Start with all hair brushed back. Leave out bangs if you have them.

Take top section of hair and separate into 3 sections

Cross right section over middle as you would with a regular braid

Cross left section over new middle section continuing the regular braid pattern.

Take small section underneath top right and join it to the outside right section of your braid

This just shows the sectioning.

Repeat step on left side. This will give you the same 3 sections that you started with but the sections on the outside will now be a little thicker. You can use comb to smooth any bumps now.

You will cross right section over middle

Then left. Then add small sections of hair repeating previous steps. Continue this all the way down (or to the point that you want the braid to end).

The larger the sections you take, the thicker the braid will be.

When you get to the nape of the neck where there is no more hair to section, simply continue your braid down as you would with any normal braid.

Finish with a rubber band at the bottom.

To fix any short pieces that have poked out, simply spray a little bit of hairspray on your finger and smooth down the sections.

This same technique can be turned sideways, upside down, etc to personalize your style. Happy Braiding!!!!

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