How to Make Easy Cinnamon Rice Milk (Horchata) in 30 Min

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Check the ingredients list to consult the portions of each one:rice, ground cinnamon, water, milk and sugar.

I'll do this in 2 plastic pitchers if u want to use 1 it's ok :)

Put 100ml of rice.

And fill it with 175ml of water...

... And wait 30 min...The rice needs to absorb the water

After 30 min. The water has to look like this...

... Put the rice in blender and then add a half tbsp of ground cinnamon...

Pour one cup of water in the blender...

...then blend it all until the rice granules are extremely fine (this step is really important) blend it for 2 minutes.

...Now sieve the rice into the pitcher.

Now fill the pitcher with water and leave space for one cup of milk. After being filled with water add the cup of milk.

At last add sugar to taste :)

:) you're done!!! Place it on the fridge and enjoy it really cold!!!

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