How to Make Quick, Stylish Art to Jazz Up Any Space

I used a ColourFun Flat Bristle brush and Jo Sonja's Gesso Black for the background.

Using the ColourFun Flat Bristle Brush, paint the canvas(es) with the black Gesso paint, not forgetting the edges of the canvas. When dry to touch, add a second coat if needed.

Select the fabric piece you are going to stick onto the canvas.

Cut the image out of the fabric cropping it as closely as you can.

If you're using several images, try to crop each image with the same amount of border.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the fabric piece to the canvas, making sure to glue down all of the edges.

Once the glue is dry highlight the edges of the fabric with a thin line of silver using the Art Studio Size 1 Round Brush.

Using the Size 4 Flat brush and the Cadmium Scarlet paint (with a little black added if you want to tone down the scarlet a bit), paint the name of the city across the bottom of the canvas block

Once the scarlet paint is dry, highlight the lettering to make it "pop" against the black, using the Art Studio Size 1 Round Brush and the Unbleached Titanium .

I also added a little colour to the image on the fabric of this one using the scarlet and the small round brush.

All done and ready to put on the wall.

Watch the video: Kids room ideas - how to decorate a kids bedroom in minutes!

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