How to Roll Your Own Smokes With a Top-O-Matic T2

RYO is about half the cost of buying packs/cartons and has no FSC. You can get it even cheaper then half but I like to at least try to enjoy it.

I highly highlyyy recommend you buy a tray for the machine. Without one you will have tobacco everywhere no matter were you roll.

Take one blank tube from the case of tubes.

If you pull a tube out and it looks like this just wait! Don't throw this feller away just yet because he is still good to go!

To smooth that tube back into a straight non smashed tube just slide it between your fingers like so while holding the filter with your other hand.

The trick to putting the tube on is to have it at a slight angel while making it slide onto the furthest point of the nozzle.

What I do to have the tube filled with tobacco to the end of it is to insert it only halfway onto the nozzle.

Open up your favorite bag of cancer. Ahh! What a wonderful sight here.

Take a obese pinch of tobacco and put it into the chamber. Don't put to much or to little unless you want to smoke a log/paper. Some people may like it differently so experiment around with this step.

Line the tobacco along the chamber, this makes it easier to pack in.

Lightly tap the tobacco in but remember to pack down the two corners of the chamber first to make a solid smoke.

When your done packing it in make sure the right corner is to the stopper inside the chamber.

Grab the crank arm and let her rip! (Make sure to use two hands unlike what I am doing! It is a lot easier to do)

When fully slide across the smoke will ether push off or will slide down the nozzle slighty.

Pack down your smoke a couple times onto the roller to prevent tobacco from falling out.


Watch the video: Top Cigarette Machine: Roll the perfect Cig or Spliff EVERY TIME!

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