How to Cook Scott Jurek's Chocolate Adzuki Bars

Scott Jurek is vegan and the most dominant ultra runner on the planet, having won many races including the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run seven consecutive years!

In an article in the June 2012 edition of Runner's World magazine profiling Jurek, he shares this recipe.

Gather your ingredients. The recipe in the article calls for barley flour and rice flour, but I used unbleached all-purpose flour.

Preheat oven to 400℉.

Grease a 9 inch (23 cm) square pan. Jurek uses coconut oil. I used Watkins spray.

Drain the can of Adzuki beans.

Put beans, banana, almond milk ...

... and coconut milk in blender.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

Add the flours ...

... add the cocoa powder ...

... maple syrup, vanilla extract ...

... and salt.

Process until thoroughly mixed.

Stir in dried fruit.

Pour mixture into pan.

Sprinkle chocolate chips on top.

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes, until firm.

This one baked for 45 min. Just enough for it to start to crack and retract from the edges.

The photo in Runner's World shows a similar cracking to the finished product.


When cool, cut into squares. Makes 16 bars. Macronutrients per bar121 kcal, 23 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 2 g protein, 2 g fat.

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