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The SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT consists of the following parts1 x Shox dampener element / 2 x attachment allen-screw / 1 x Shox cup-insert / 1 x blind button

Necessary toolsThin regular screw-driver / Phillips-head screw-driver / Allen key #5

Put the thin regular screw-driver into the hole at the red cup insert and push until the release-button falls out

Use the Phillips-head screw-driver to remove the 4 screws fixing the red cup-insert

Remove the cup-insert (I) Attentionnever try to do this prior to removing the release-button (step #3) as this will destroy the cup-insert!

Remove the cup-insert (II)

SDM-version only (RDM-versionplease continue with step #9)open the screw connecting the extension-tube with the cup

SDM-version onlyremove the cup from the extension-tube

Slide the Shox dampener element into the tube

Fix the Shox dampener element with the 2 allen-screws

SDM-version only (RDM-versionplease continue with step #13)push the cup back into the extension tube - Attentionplease check for correct alignment

SDM-version onlytighten the screw connecting the extension tube with the cup

Push the blind-button into the cup until it snaps in

Push the red Shox cup-insert into the cup - Attentionplease check for correct alignment

Fix the insert with the 4 Phillips-head-screws - FINISHED and ready to go!

Watch the video: RockShox Tech Pills. BoXXer. Charger Damper Upgrade kit


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