How to Make Prosciutto Pasta

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This recipe is usually served with a cream sauce but its just as good with only olive oil

Boil spaghetti, salt for flavor. I think spaghetti is the best pasta for this dish

Test a strand of pasta, if it feels like it needs more time add the frozen peas. Drain when done

Cut up mushrooms and grill with olive oil and garlic (pre-chopped).

Cut up prosciutto into medium size pieces

Cook into pan with olive oil. The prosciutto will shrink like bacon so add more if you think there isn't enough. Make it slightly brown and crispy for a good crunch!

I added some green chiles to the prosciutto for some more flavor

Mix everything together adding olive oil and pepper. The veggies and meat will fall to the bottom so it works best to use a pasta spoon. Top with parm cheese if you like!

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