How to make a hearty and delicious vegetable soup

Gather supplies

Fill your soup pot about a third of the way then place on element and set it to boil

Add lentils to pot

Add 1 1/2 cups of vegetable stock

While pot is heating, peel your potatoes and sweet potatoes

Chop potatoes and sweet potatoes then add to pot

Chop up half a head of cabbage and add to pot

While cabbage and potatoes are cooking. Peel and chop your chosen veggies. The sky is the limit with your choices. Go nuts!

Add it all into the pot and stir, bringing some cabbage and potatoes to the top while pushing the newly added veggies to the bottom

Add in a tsp of garlic salt

Add a tsp of coriander

Add a tsp of basil

Add a tsp of nutmeg (not shown in the picture but i lost the other one so pretend it's nutmeg lol)

And of course, add salt and pepper to tatse

Also i added two tsp of tuscan seasoning but this step is optional

Stir in herbs and flavourings

Bringing more cabbage, potatoes and lentils from the bottom and pushing down recently added veggies

Now add a cup or two of penne pasta (this will also act as an indicator of when your soup os ready)

Yum! Next, mix the pasta into your soup

And add 2 tbs of butter

Mmmmm! Once the pasta is cooked, it's time to serve up your soup!

Sooo good!!

Watch the video: Root Vegetable Soup

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