How to cook stuffed bottle gourd (lauki)

Cut the bottle as shown

Grind ginger, garlic, salt , half tea spoon turmeric,

Apply to the bottle gourd and leave it aside

Boil potatoes

Once potatoes are done in same water boil some peas too.

Stuffing In a pan heat some oil and add some cumin

Add Chopped capsicum

Add some turmeric

Add half of Cumin and coriander powder

Add some handful of raisin

Finally add potatoea and peas

Mash them so it can be stuffed easily

Stuff the marinating bottle gourd with potato mix and fry them in the pan with bit of oil

Fry them on both side and remove from the pan in a plate

In the same pan heat some more oil add some cumin

After frying onions Then add ginger garlic paste and bit of water.

Add turmeric, cumin , corainder and chilli powder and roast them slowely.

Crush cardamom in motor and pestel and add to the pan

Cook till it leaves oil and then reduce the heat

Add the curd and let it simmer on low heat

Make sure you dont increase heat

Add dried fenugreek leaves

And cook till oil starts seperating

Now add the fried bottle gourd pieces on the garvy

Serve with hot fulkas (indian flat bread) or can be eaten with rice too

Watch the video: छततसगढ तरक स लक चन दल क सबज. Bottle gourd u0026 split chickpea recipe. lauki chana dal

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