How to make authentic kaya (coconut jam)

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Gather all your ingredients. Note: if you can get freshly grated coconut the taste would obviously be much better. Else you can purchase those off the shelf (I used Kara UHT brand)

Whisk 3 eggs and 4 yolks in a heatproof mixing bowl until well combined. Gradually add sugar while whisking until it starts to dissolves.

The mixture should look like this colour.

Gradually add the coconut milk into the egg mixture. Whisk until sugar dissolves completely. Tip: rub the mixture by using your thumb & fore finger.

The coconut mixture will look slightly pale now. Tip: Strain the mixture if you are using fresh coconut milk.

Place the strands of pandan leaves into the mixture. Tip: peel the leaves into smaller strands and tie a knot/bow.

Set up a double boiler on your stove top. Note: I use a pot and place the mixing bowl on top of it.

The mixture will get sticky and thick. Continue stirring for the next 40mins with a spatula until the mixture turns into brown colour

As the mixture starts to turn thick, you should remove the leaves before it gets too difficult to lift them out.

By the 40th minute, place the 2 tbsp of sugar into a small saucepan until it melted & turned into light golden colour. Add 1 tbsp of water into the saucepan & the caramelised sugar is dissolved

Caramelised sugar is now completely dissolved

Carefully and slowly add the caramelised sugar into the kaya mixture. Stir well.

After stirring for another 10-15mins, the mixture should give you a golden brown colour smooth textured jam. Remove from heat and set aside to cool for an hour.

This recipe is good to fill into 2 jars and is a good gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! Spread butter & kaya with 2 slices of toast and I bet you would love it! Enjoy...

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