How to resurface a sink

Get an extra polyester paint blush. After applying a coat you will not want to clean the brush and just use a new one. You can wrap the used brush in plastic to reuse, make sure paint doesn't dry.

The is the epoxy that comes in the kit. It's really goopy and stinky so beware. Wear the gloves and make sure to wear a good respirator and NOT a dust mask. It will not cut it.

This is the kit I bought from a local hardware store chain.

Get a Scotch Brite pad to scuff and clean the surface of your sink.

Remove what you can. The washing machine vent is easy remove.

Scuff and clean. Here you see a previously painted sink that has worn out.

Steel Wool is included in the kit. It work for the first scrub and clean but will leave grey scratches behind. Use the scotch bright pad to follow up after the steel wool.

Tape off all the edges with painters blue tape.

Tape everywhere you can't remove the hardware from.

Tape the drain and then....

... use a utility knife to cut the outline of the sink drain for a perfect masking job.

Wear a respirator and not just a dust mask. The fumes are harmful and really bad for you. This is a 3M Organic type and is the absolute minimum amount of projection I suggest wearing.

First coat goes on. Try to avoid drips and brush strokes. The epoxy will self level to a certain extent. Wait 2-3 hours between coats but don't wait more than 6 hours otherwise you'll have to wait.

Don't make this mistake. Cover the whole drain to avoid drips into the drain itself.

Wait at least a week before use!!!! Yeah. It takes forever for this stuff to dry and cure.

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