How to make delicious wet chocolate cake

Preheat your oven to 170 centigrate

Grease your baking pan

Whisk eggs and sugar

Your ingredients!

Make sure your egg looks fluffy...

Add Cacao, oil, milk and coffee. Blend until combined...

Add baking powder

Andddd Vanilla

Stir well

Add flour and bring to a runny mixture

This is runny

Pour in to your pan, Shake to even it. Bake in your oven approx. 45 min. You can check your cake by inserting knife right in to middle of your cake. If it comes out clean, all done...

Ingredients for sauce

Add all of the sauce ingredients to a pan

Crash the chocolates in to pan

Heat the sauce just until the chocolate melts....

Stir very well

Sauce is ready

Cake is baking

Good Turkish coffee for me while waiting:))

Insert toothpick everywhere

Pour half of the sauce and let it absorb it.

Slice the cake, pour rest of sauce and let it cool. Remember Good chocolate cake is always made from Good quality chocolate.... Always use the best!!!!!.

Bon appetite


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