How to freeze fresh corn without shucking🌽

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Gather your corn still in the husk.

And your plastic wrap.

Inspect for Earworms. They eat holes in the corn. You can see he has just started on this ear.

After inspected, lay ear down on the wrap. Now I wrap end over end. Please feel free to do this your way. This is just my preference.

Grab from under the wrap to flip over to other side.

Like so.

Ensure coverage is complete. Flatten sides.

Trim the end to flap back over the bottom.

Stretch end over open end.

Then stretch the sides up and around.

Like so.

Then fold up the other side, stretching and pressing air out as you go.

Now we have tightly wrapped corn that will Freeze well.

Start yourself a pile until done.

When you get them all wrapped, gather together. If your like me, my big freezer is in the garage. So I pack them in a plastic bag.

I have these handy stackable bins that I keep the corn in. So when I need some corn, I can just go grab how many I need.

To cook- lay corn out to thaw. Place in microwave for 3-4 min. Pull out with oven mitts. Cut off end with no tassel. With oven mitts on, squeeze the cob out. It will slide out with no silk. Enjoy!

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