How to make a yummy bacon cheeseburger

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Let's start, I prefer to make my own hamburgers instead of buying frozen patties. So with that being said let's put our beef in a dish

Let's portion our beef into patties that weigh close to 4oz. You will get 4 burgers out of 1lb ground beef If you make them 4oz. You can also make 3 1/2 oz and this will give you 5 burgers️

Once the patty is formed make sure to put a thumbprint in the middle of the patty. This prevents it from puffing up & keeps it juicy ️(don't worry it will disappear once the meat is cooked),add B.P

And some salt to each side of the burger. Set them aside while we prepare the toppings

Slice some tomatoes

I cooked some bacon and the cheese is ready too. I also had some romaine lettuce that I didn't picture😒

Now let's toast our bread in a skillet. It taste so yummy like this.️Take a pan and set it over medium heat, add some butter.

Take the rolls and put them face down and let them get nice and browned

Yum, when done set aside

Take a griddle and place it over high heat. Add a tsp of oil, not too much ️

Smear the oil all over.

Add the burgers to the hot griddle and let it cook for 3 minutes or until nicely seared in the bottom.

Flip the burger and cook until desired doneness. Oops I Forgot to take a picture of me putting the cheese😒😳. So this would be the time to add it

Now it's time to assemble, take your toasted bun and add some secret sauce(see my guide). Yum

Assemble however you want but I'm putting my burger on that saucy bun😁😉

Now comes the bacon

And of course some lettuce, tomatoes and some onions. Add whatever you like, grilled onions, pickles etc. Make it your own. Enjoy immediately

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