How to make swedish kladdkaka (sticky cake)

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees celcius.

Melt the butter on low heat.

Butter the dish.

Like this.

Pour breadcrumbs in the dish.

A thin layer in the whole dish to avoid the cake to stick.

Break the eggs into a bowl.

Add the sugar. 4 dl.

Like this.

Add the vanilla sugar and salt.

And the flour.

And the cacao powder.

Whisk til an even dough without streaks in it.

Like this.

The butter should have melted now.

Add it to the dough.

Whisk it in. It looks strange in the beginning, but be patient.

Then it will look like this and the dough is ready. If you want an ordinary kladdkaka just pour it in your dish and then into the oven for 25 min.But if you want something extra, follow the next steps

Pour half of the dough into the dish.

Sprinkle som raspberries on. Mine are frozen and it's just as good as fresh.

Then I added some white chocolate buttons.

Like this.

And then the rest of the dough on top.

Now it's time for the oven! 25 min in 175 degrees celcius.

Then it will look like this. Let it cool for a moment before eating. It's also good to eat it cold, straight from the fridge.

And this is what it looks like when it's cold.

Watch the video: How to make Swedish chocolate cake, kladdkaka!

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