How to make an apple inspired suncatcher

A view of all of the supplies. REMEMBER use parchment paper!

Place beads all the way around your jewelry wire or chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners). I actually like using the wire better though. Leave some wire exposed to twist together to make the stem.

After you've twisted the exposed wire to connect both sides bend and shape your wire. Then add a couple of green or brown beads to one half of the stem and leave another piece without beads.

Fill your "mold" with the remaining red or green beads until the center is full. Make sure you have most of the gaps filled and also make sure that your wire is as flat as possible.

Place your project in a COLD oven. Turn the oven on to 350 and let it stay in there for 4-6 min. The beads should melt in no more than 6 min. Keep checking them. You may smell plastic as it melts.

After you take you project out of the oven let it sit flat and not touch it until it cools completely.

Cut a leaf out of green construction paper and use a glue dot to adhere it to the exposed wire. Cut a piece of fishing line and tie it to the stem creating a loop. Hang and ENJOY!

Watch the video: Fantastic Flowers

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