How to make a chocolate sundae


Pour 1 cup of cream into mixer

Add a few drops of vanilla extract

Add one tablespoon of sugar

Whip on highest speed until it looks like whipped cream. It should look like the picture.

Place half a cup of chocolate chips into a heatproof jug.

Melt in microwave on low setting for around 2 minutes. However, every 30 seconds take it out and stir the chocolate chips.

When the chocolate has melted remove it from the microwave.

Add in around ½ cup of cream into the chocolate sauce so that it become pourable.

Line the bottom of the sundae with the melted chocolate we just made

Then on top of the melted chocolate add the whipped cream.

Then add vanilla ice cream.

Lastly add the grated chocolate

Repeat the last four steps once and your done! Enjoy your Ice Cream Sundae!

Watch the video: How to make a chocolate sundae

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