How to make an altered clipboard

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cut printed paper piece for right side of clipboard using bottom right corner of scalloped printed paper, or as needed to show design. use other printed paper on left.

adhere the two cut printed paper pieces to clipboard leaving border around outside edges and a thin space between the papers at the center. ink non-scalloped paper around edges using brown chalk ink.

add washi tape along top of clipboard on either side of clip.

glue tag with sentiment under clipboard. i used the back of a corner of the scalloped printed paper. sentiment was written with brown pen, then tag was inked using blue ink.

print, arrange and adhere photos to left side of clipboard, leaving room at bottom for wording.

add 3 strips of ribbons and trims along bottom left printed paper. add a strip of washi tape above ribbons as base for wording.

add words: "we" above first photo, "{heart}" between photos, "you" on washi tape and name along ribbons. heart was made from washi covered cardstock. use assorted letters, inking as desired.

add a trio of flowers and a leaf at lower right of clipboard.

add rhinestones to printed paper on right side and to flower centers. you could also embellish the clip with flowers, ribbons or rhinestones. i was happy with the balance so i didn't.

add a ribbon for hanging under clip to finish. ---tami please visit my blog at...

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