How to make epic pork rasher and chops with veg in oven

Use some pork tjops or rashers

Mix ground salt pepper olive oil garlic natural sweet white wine and some chutney or chili in a bowl or directly on to meat

Should look something like this

Pepper to taste

Slice a couple of potatoes very thinly with a sharp knife or slicer using the ancient Chinese art of "beee vely fooking caleful"

Pre heat oven to roughly 220 degrees Celsius

Remove Roast mixed vegetables from bag

Place in prepared pan (I use spray n bake to grease my pans)

Add a little olive oil and spices eg. salt and pepper

Place in oven

Take potatoes and lightly brush with olive oil and salt n pepper

Prepare another pan place a grill rack in optional

Have some vodka

After roughly 20 mins veg should be done and ready

Place meat in pan and into oven Put the oven on grill now

Grill that piggy

Place sliced potato in an oven pan

More vodka

Wear protection

Baste meat with remaining sauce/marinade

When cooked remove meat from oven

Now the potatoes go in put oven on bake again at around 200 degrees Celsius for around 5-10 minutes dependent on thickness

Once potatoes are done serve up and enjoy

Tastes better than it looks trust me

Don't forget the vodka!

Watch the video: Roasted Garlic Pork Chops w. Potatoes u0026 Carrots - Baked, Broiled, u0026 Delicious!

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