How to juice key limes, easy peasy.

Check that the limes look fresh and bright green, not dull.

Carefully cut in half on a slant. It's not necessary to roll the line on the cutting board to soften.

Then carefully quarter on a slant. Note that they are not equal sized quarters. This method bypasses the tough membranes and exposes the pulp.

Assemble a garlic press.

Place one segment on its side in the garlic press and squeeze.

Key limes may not produce much liquid but their flavor more than makes up for it.

A squeeze of the garlic press extracts more than manually squeezing the key lime.

Store the juice in a non-reactive container and use whenever needed in recipes. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

Watch the video: Perfect Key Lime Pie Recipe with Fresh Key Lime Juice

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