How to setup touch id with 1password

This guide requires you to (a) be using a iOS device that supports Touch ID (b) have Touch ID enabled and (c) be running iOS 8 or above.

Download the latest version of 1Password

Launch 1Password and go to settings. Select the Security option.

By default Touch ID is off.

Enable Touch ID.

Next time you launch 1Password you should get a prompt asking you to use Touch ID to unlock 1Password!

To use 1Password to autofill mobile web forms you need to first enable it. Launch Mobile Safari and click on the share icon in the bottom center.

Scroll all the way to the end of the bottom row of options and choose the 'more' option.

By default 1Password doesn't have access to Mobile Safari.

Enable 1Password and select done.

Going forward when you're on a mobile web page and you want to fill a login and password via 1Password tap the share icon.

Scroll until you see the 1Password option and select it.

1Password will launch and request your password.

Select the login and password you want to use.

When you are returned to the mobile web page your use am and password will be auto filled.

Watch the video: Enable iPhone touch id. set up touch id

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