How to stencil with clearsnap inks and walnut hallow

Gather your supplies- The Color Catcher is a Clearsnap product to use sprays in, great for this project of you can't go outside! See My Blog at for the full story :)

Did you know stencils have a front and back? Yep! The front has more rounded edges and the back has sharper edges- always stencil from the front side up. I put an little X to remind me

Ahh ha! The Magic! Get some repositionable spray adhesive. This gives your stencil just enough hold to stay firmly without sliding and won't stick permanently or leave residue

Lightly spray over the BACK of your stencil

No position how you see fit onto your wooden piece

I am using Colorboc Crafters Ink- specially for wood. I use the Clearsnap stylus tip to dab and smear into every corner, making sure I don't get any go over the end of the stencil

Because the hold is good, you can cheat up and check your progress. Lay back down if needed

Check to make sure no ink has seeped on to back of stencil. If so wipe clean with a baby wipe and respray with adhesive

Layer if again- making sure the design integrates

ahhh, here is a pic of the stylus and tip I spoke of- now I am using it to edge the bottom of the wood. Super easy

Let dry overnight and cover with a spray clear coat- now just attach your Colorbox Art Scree (stencil) back onto the card backing a replace in the package for further use!

To finish off I took a Dollar Store Candlestick and a glass bottle topper and made this into a sweet display tray for snacks, jewelry anything!

My name is Denise Hahn I am a professional Crafter from Long Beach California. I design for Clearsnap products find them at

Watch the video: How to Wood Burn with Stencils

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