How to make fluorescent dye

Fluorescent dye glows a bright neon yellow when exposed to an ultra violet light source. This is ideal for dying T-Shirts and coloring paper, however, some fabrics may not "stain" very well.

Open the highlighter and carefully slide the stick of colored ink out.

Hold firmly and squeeze over a container.

A small highlighter will yeld about 50ml of glowing diluted fluorescein.

After squeezing a lot, the stick should look like this, completely white.

Now turn on the UV light, the liquid should emit an eerie green glow.

The liquid will keep its glow as long as you want, regardless of how much liquid you used.

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It works with big amounts too, just add a lot of water.

This can be frozen, and it won't lose it's glowing properties.

I only used gloves to prevent the ink from staining my hands. If the label on the highlighter says "Non-Toxic" then you should be fine with out them, however don't drink the ink or put it in your eyes

Watch the video: How to Dye Wool Roving and Yarn with Highlighters!

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