How to draw a basic anime female face

Step one: Lightly draw a circle for the head.

Step two: Lightly sketch a line from the top of the circle then work your way down until the chin will be located, to determine the centre of the face.

Step three: Then complete the shape of the head by sketching the shape of the jaw and chin.

Step four: Draw lines to determine where the eyes, nose and mouth will be located.

Step five: Sketch extra lines as guides to determine the size of the eyes and ears.

Step six: Sketch the main details on the face using the lines as a guide.

Step seven: Sketch the lines for hairs and neck (needed).

Step eight: Add any accessorises, hats, etc...

Step nine: Use a tipped pencil to add smaller details.

Step ten: Outline your drawing (use the clear drawing as a guide).

Step eleven: Erase the sketch marks to create a clean outlined drawing.

Step twelve: Add the base colour on the artwork.

Step thirteen: Add extra colour as shading to complete the artwork.

Watch the video: How to draw a basic anime girl face for beginners - How to draw manga

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