How to make the ultimate egg salad

Make sure to boil your eggs and cook your scrambled eggs with the green onions. Assemble your spring mix and tomatoes.

Add spring mix into a separate bowl.

In a separate bowl, add your tomatoes and some sliced green onions. Make sure to season with salt and pepper, and add about a tsp of sesame oil, and add about a tsp of olive oil.

Add your tomatoes to the spring mix.

Slice and quarter your boiled eggs.

This is your prep.

Add your scrambled eggs into the spring mix and tomatoes.

Add your boiled eggs in as well.

Add your seasoned tomatoes to the mixture as well onto the top.

Add the green onions from the tomato mixture.

Add the tomato juices to the egg salad.

Serve this immediately! This recipe will only take you less than 10 minutes with ingredients you already have in your kitchen right now! For more recipes, keep checking out The Foodbox for more!

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