How to make nutritious peach crisps

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Start with fresh, delicious peaches. You'll need 5 medium for this recipe.

Wash them well and remove pit. Removal of skin is optional - I always leave it on, it's much less work!

Using a blender, food processor - whatever you have handy, puree the peach pieces with 1 tsp raw honey. My blender just bit the dust, so I had to use my magic bullet. *cries*

Five peaches makes enough for two trays worth of mix, so just divide it up. Use a spatula, or lightly rap the tray on the counter to evenly spread the mix.

The layer should be thick enough that you can't see the tray through the mix. This is a 12 3/4 inch fruit roll tray. Follow your dehydrator's suggestions for maximum capacity.

Set it to 150* F for 10 hours. When finished, the fruit should be crisp and able to be broken into chips. They capture the fresh taste of peaches, and best of all have nothing artificial. Enjoy!

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