How to make a melted crayon canvas

Go to Michaels, or a different craft store and buy your supplies. All of your materials should cost no more than $20.

Prepare your materials once you get home. Lay everything out to make sure you have all necessary materials.

Plug in your hot glue gun so it can heat up. It's a good idea to put newspaper underneath it incase it drips.

Decide what color scheme you want to go with. Some examples are rainbow, blues and greens, pastels, bright colors, or sunset colors.

Lay out your chosen crayons on the top of the canvas with the tips pointing down. Make sure you have enough crayons to go across the top so they fit correctly.

With your hot glue gun, carefully glue each crayon to the canvas. Put the crayons close together when gluing for a better end result.

Let the glue dry until it is hardened and the crayons are secured on the canvas on all sides.

Prepare your area, with newspaper in case the crayons splatter while you are melting them. Tilt your canvas against a wall so when you start melting your crayons they drip down the canvas.

Take out your blow dryer and move it from top to bottom on the canvas so each crayon is evenly melted. The crayons will start to drip down onto the bottom of the canvas.

Once the desired amount of melting has occurred, turn the blow dryer off.

Let the canvas dry until the crayons are hardened. Enjoy your finished product!

Watch the video: How to make a melted crayon canvas!

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