How to make a autumn decor

I've covered a plastic pumpkin using acrylic gesso.

Apply some layers of Modeling Paste to create more texture on the pumpkin.

Start painting your pumpkin with yelow-orange.

Add a dark orange in some places to get a shaded.

Add some touches of green.

wrap a green wire with the help of a toothpick.

To finish the pumpkin, adhere a leaf.

NOw, we are going to prepare some flowers. Apply a little of acrylic gesso on the edges of G45 flowers.

Cut out a petal of the G45 flower and glue down the last two one petals over one another.

Using a scissor, you must make a hole in the center of the flower.

Through the hole, pass a piece of string.

Fraying the string , pass it on the glue and after on the cornmeal.

Paint the edges of the wooden wheelbarrow using acrylic gesso.

Cover all of the wooden wheelbarrow using G45 An Eerie Tale collection 6x6 papers.

Apply ink pad on the edges.

Apply crackle paste on some places of the wooden wheelbarrow and after dried, apply orange glimmer spray.

Apply a thin layer of acrylic gesso and remove the excess with baby wipes.

Stamp with the G45 Cling Stamp Botanical Tea 1.

Distribute a little straw into the wheelbarrow.

Distribute the pumpkins, flowers and branches inside the wheelbarrow and hang a tag G45 An Eerie Tale Decorative Chipboard.

Add some flowers cut outs of G45 An Eerie Tale 12x12 Captivating Characters.Your centerpiece is ready!

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