How to make a jack-o-lantern

These are the supplies you will need.

Pick out a pumpkin that has at least one flat side that looks nice. Place it on a piece of newspaper, this will be your workspace.

Use a marker to draw a design that you would like your jack-o-lantern to have, alternatively you could use a stencil.

Cut a circle around the stem so you can use the top like a lid and will be able to remove it.

Take the top off your jack-o-lantern and use a spoon or whatever you prefer to scoop the seeds out of the pumpkin and place them into a bowl.

Carve and punch out the eyes and then you can start the mouth.

If you did not cut off all of the places where the marker was you can carve off the sides and remove any marker. Also you can do this if you did not carve straight.

Carve off any imperfections from the mouth.

Place a small, unlit, candle inside the pumpkin.

Light the candle and place the top back on. You could also add any other decorations.

You will have a wonderful fall decoration for your house.

Watch the video: Easy Fake Pumpkin Guts Tutorial

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