How to fold an origami balloon

Start with the white side up, and fold both diagonals.

Turn over and fold in half horizontally and vertically.

Fold the corners up to the top so that it looks like this.

Repeat on the other side, it should look like a diamond.

Rotate 180 degrees, so that the flaps are all at the bottom.

If you want, pinch mark the centre of the diamond.

Otherwise just eyeball the centre, and fold the sides in like so.

Fold up the bottoms flaps like this so that they touch the other flaps.

Where the flaps meet, valley fold like this.

Repeat steps 8-12 on the other side.

Look at the top of the model and you can see a little hole. Blow into it to inflate the balloon. Make sure to blow gently!

As you blow, shape the balloon carefully so it becomes the shape you want. And then it's done! Thanks for reading my guide, I'm sorry I haven't made one I a while, thank you for being so patient!

Watch the video: How to make a paper balloon that blows up

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