How to do sugar skull style makeup

Prep your palette with a white cream makeup base and paint the whole face except for the eye sockets.

Gently blend in the brush strokes with the broken edge of a makeup sponge.

Mimicking the crack down the middle of a skull, draw a line down the center of the face with a black kajal pencil.

Sugar skulls are very colorful and stylized. Pick two of your favorite bright colors; we chose aqua and magenta. Paint the eye, cheek cavity, temple, and lips the same color.

Outline the eye and lips with the other color. Blend a little bit of the outlining color into the hairline, and on top of the cheek bone.

Paint a small turquoise and magenta circle side by side on the chin.

Now take black Aquacolor on a fine-tipped brush and start to draw the teeth.

Sugar skull teeth are very stylized and neat compared this to the realistic-style skull we did on the left. Here's that guide:

Now draw flower petals around the eye socket, keeping them inside the colors you've painted.

Paisley shapes are very popular for sugar skulls. Draw two long circular shapes over the turquoise color.

Draw one larger oval over the magenta on the chin. Now draw some stylized eyebrows and shapes around the eye, temple. Add some playful dots, and more paisley shapes on the cheek bone.

And here you have a sugar skull, complete with characteristic bright colors, flower petals, paisleys, and spirals. Paint your face like this and you'll celebrate Día de los Muertos in style!

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