How to make spooky spider halloween treats

Take a Viva Puff cookie (these go by different names in different counties - Mallomars, Wippets, or even Tunnock's Tea Cakes in UK)...VERY carefully heat so chocolate coating is just melting.

Dip in black sprinkles or black sugar (shown here)... Whatever you can find in the cake decorating section.

The sprinkles make hairy looking spiders!

Allow to cool - I popped mine in the fridge.

Finish with black licorice for legs and candy balks for eyes. I dipped in melted chocolate as a glue.

The guy in the back has 7 legs on purpose (Perry, the 7 legged Peruvian Sucking Spider - from a kids book we are reading)...but 8 legs are obviously standard!

Stay tuned for melted witches guide!

Watch the video: Simple Spooky Spider Web Bark. Quick u0026 Easy Halloween Dessert Recipe by Forkly

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