How to make carrot shrimp soup

All you need, is a bag of carrots, 1 onion and some spice depending your taste, you can add thai spice, such as lemon grass ginger.. or here i am making a bit of fish broth...

and a mix of spanish spigoll

The soup is good by itself, but i really like to add shrimp with it.. Use frozen cooked tailed off! by mistake i used tailed on, once and its a disaster to eat !!

after washing them, add carrot with water,

add onion cut in pig pieces and the spices

bring to a boil and cover for 45 min, mix from time to time

Voila after 45 min ..

All smooth !!

add frozen shrimp.. its usually better with smaller shrimps.. so i cut the big ones into 2 pieces

let cook at low heat for 20 min

Et voila! you can add a bit of creme fraiche,..Fresh ground pepper .. bon appetit!

Watch the video: How To Make Caldo De Pescado. Fish Soup With Shrimp

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