How to bake a peach cobbler

Cut butter into smaller pieces. Put over mid low heat

Once tuen liquid it will foam up. Reduce the heat keep stirring

Starting to clear up turn on the heat again

Do this until u can c brown trace and the butter smell is flogging over the kitchen.

Put in a ceramic or pyrex bowl. Spoon out the white foam. Leave to cool and stick in the fridge for 1 hour

It will solidified up like this. U can use this in shortbread it tasted more caramelish.

Put all the dry ingredient together and whisk thru.

Slice ur peach. I use white longevity chinese peach. Cos i prefer not too sweet cobbler. (The can yellow peaches r quite sweet, if u like sweet go for it)

Run a knife around the bowl. Lift up the butter. Now go preheat the oven to 200 c or 395 f

Cut the caramel into little cubes

Dump onto flour mixture and knead in with ur hands or cutters.

Add the egg.

The final process should still be crumbly. Now spray you trays with pam.

U can use muffin tin too press firmly tho

Press it nice and firm

Lay the fruit on top of the crumbs. Be as OCD as u like

Add the berry

Same for cupcake tin version.

Top with crumb.

Messy hahaha.

Done! Sorry i add some raspberry on top to resemble a football team we were watching

I Asked the boys to spear me one. This is what they left me with ...

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