How to create an apartment-sized worm composter

Signed up for a composting worm(k)shop. The City of Vancouver subsidizes apartment-sized worm composters. Compost Hotline: 604.736.2250

The compost box has drainage holes on the bottom and holes for ventilation, a lid and a drainage tray. The City has a limited number of $25 worm composters for use in apartments.

Add leaves, hay for bedding to fill half the bin. Add a bit of shredded paper but only if it has been printed on with vegetable ink. Vancouver newspapers use vegetable inks.

Moisten the bedding, wring out any excess water (it should feel like a sponge that has been wrung out). Worms don't have teeth, so add a bit of dirt to help the worms breakdown food.

In one corner of the box, add 2 litres fruit, vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags. Coffee grounds and citrus are ok in limited amount but too much will hurt us. Cover with bedding.

Aerate the bedding to get it ready for the worms.

Let the worms out of the bag! If you are transporting worms, please move them into their new home (composter) soon as possible. Be kind to your worms - don't leave them in a bag for more than a day.

Introducing: Fisher & Sons, We love the dark and are happiest when there is not too much moisture in the bin, not too much heat and no vibration from loud music or washing machines.

Add worms to the bedding. They will make their way down to the food. Leave the worms in the dark for a week at time before their next feeding. If they are happy, they will reproduce and will eat more!

Feed once a week (up to 4 L of food) burying the food in a different corner. Do NOT feed them meat, bones, fish, dairy products, bread, rice, pasta (this will attract flies + rodents) No cat/dog feces

Compost can be used for fertilizer + potting soil (1/3 compost, .1/3 soil, 1/3 vermiculite). Liquid drainage can be used as plant fertilizer (1 part liquid to 10 parts water).

Got Worms? Ok...need worms? Get them from Transform Compost Systems, 3911 Mt. Lehman Rd., Abbotsford, BC V4X 2N1. Tel: 604.856.2722. Happy Composting!

Watch the video: How to make an apartment size mini composting worm bin for $10 - Kids Craft. Project

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