How to cook 3, 2, 1, ribs (traeger style)

Purchase quality pork ribs. I prefer back ribs with a lot of meat on them. This recipe will do two or three racks.

In a small bowl, mix 1/3 cup mustard, 1/4 cup apple cider/juice, and 1 T. Worcestershire sauce. Whisk it together.

Slather the mustard mixture over the bottom of the ribs...

Then slather the tops of the ribs...

I often make a homemade rub for my ribs, but today I felt a little lazy. I chose to use this rub instead. It is sweeter than what I make. If you'd like to know my homemade rub blend, let me know.

Generously sprinkle the rub over the tops of the ribs. The picture makes it seem like I didn't use much, but this is about 3/4 cup of the rub.

I like Apple smoke for pork. I use Traeger pellets and have fine results. Other pellets have mixed results for me. Use what you like.

I set the Traeger to smoke before I started and it was at 150 degrees and smoking nicely when I finished prepping the ribs. On a warmer day it would be around 170 degrees at this point.

I sprinkle the rub on the bottoms of the ribs as I put them on the grate. I think the finished product looks better this way. Personal preference, of course. But do put the rub on the bottoms as well.

Onc I've applied the rub to the bottoms I flip them so the ribs are down. This is important... it yields a juicier rib, believe me, I've tried both ways. As fat renders it flows down... :-)

And now you let the ribs smoke at 150-175 degrees for 3 hours. This is the "3" part of 3 2 1 Ribs. The smoke forms a lovely pink smoked layer during this time and it tastes great. Do 3 hours for sure.

The ribs will begin to darken and dry and get a nice texture... but don't look to much. It lets the smoke out and you want it in the meat, not in your face.

Get your next ingredients ready. Honey, Brown Sugar and Apple cider/juice. Note: I have used other liquids instead of apple cider, like root beer. Whatever you use, you need 1/4 cup per rack.

As the end of the 3 hours approaches, you will need a sheet of heavy duty foil for each rack you are smoking. Get it ready...

For each rack being smoked: Place a rack on a sheet of foil, put 1/4 cup brown sugar and drizzle honey over the entire thing. Don't like honey? Try maple syrup. Then wrap it up. Leave one end open and

Add 1/4 cup liquid. Yes, I was eyeballing it here. It's not a precise science. Be aware, you will end up with a lot more liquid in a couple hours. Don't overdo it. Close the end and return to grill.

Turn the temp up to 225.

Get the three packages all snuggly. Be careful not to rip a hole in the foil or your liquid will leak out and your ribs will be a bit on the dry side. Double wrapping is ok, but I don't.

let them cook for 2 hours... No peeking. There's nothing to see and you want to maintain your heat. If it is cold out kick the temp up 25 degrees.

At the end of two hours. remove from foil, and add sauce. Homemade is good, but this is Sweet Baby Rays... with a little Sriracha for kick.

Let them cook at 225 degrees for the last hour or until the sauce "tightens". Don't let them burn. Burnt ribs are a sad thing to endure. 225 degrees has always been fine for me.

After all that time and work, if your house is like mine, this is what will be left at the end of the day. specially if you forgot to take a final picture. See the smoke ring? So good.

Watch the video: 3 2 1 Ribs Recipe. Traeger Grills

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