How to make a quaiduckhen

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Start with some high quality quails, a guinea hen, and a duck. Get them deboned down the back.

Gather ingredients. If you can't find dried persimmons like these in a Japanese market or farmer's market, use dried apricot.

Get a variety of mushrooms.

You can use the offal from the birds in the ground mixtures inside the stuffings if you'd like.

Make ahead the quail filling: stuffing with craberry, sage, dried persimmon, cream, egg, ground pork, and sherry.

Make ahead the duck stuffing: chopped mixed mushrooms roasted with garlic, parsley, tarragon, ground duck, shallots, sherry, cream, and an egg. (reserve some of this mixture without duck for garnish)

Once the birds are deboned and flat, sprinkle them with some activa. This will help everything bind and stick together while cooking.

Then spoon some of your sage, persimmon, and cranberry stuffing into the center of a quail.

Wrap it into a roll. First fold over one side of the quail lengthwise, then the other side.

Lastly fold the neck back onto the rest of the bird, so it looks like this. Repeat again with the other quail.

Next take your guinea hen and spread the chestnut filling evenly all over it.

Place two stuffed quails into the center of the guinea hen, then fold as you did before. First one side, then the other side.

And lastly take the neck flap and fold it up onto the rest of the bird.

Now spread the mushroom filling evenly onto the duck.

Place the hen-wrapped quails onto the center of the duck and roll as you did before. First one side, then the other.

And lastly pull the neck flap up and over the rest of the bird.

Now wrap extremely tightly with saran wrap.

Secure one end with baker's twine, then wrap the other end several times making sure everything is nice and tight. Tie the ends tightly.

Poach in a water bath at 155 degrees for 2-3 hours. Chill in an ice bath and unwrap.

Once chilled, secure with butcher's twine.

Next roast in a 350 degree oven till hot and lightly golden.

Using a torch you can carefully render and brown the duck skin.

Once golden, brush with maple syrup and return to the oven to glaze.


Serve with cranberry sauce, reserved mushroom filling, and garnish as desired.

We used cranberries for tart acidity, dried persimmons for a touch of sweetness, a few pieces of cress, and a stock made from the bones of the birds.

Since we poached the birds in saran wrap, the delicious liquids and flavors stay in the meat, leaving the most moist, flavorful bird you've ever had at a dinner party. This bird will steal the show.

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