How to connect android phone to stereo

Wirelessly connect your new android phone to your older home stereo sound has never been easier with the FM Transmitter for iPhone from

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The aFM Music Transmitter from provides an quick and simply solution to connect android phone to home stereo without irritating wires.

Plug the Music Transmitter onto the Android phone, in this case, it is a HTC One M8

Make sure that the setting on the music transmitter is set to match the preset on your home stereo system.

Set the volume of the phone to about 80%. You can then use the remote or volume control of the home stereo to control the sound output.

That is it! You are ready to watch movie or play game with the awesome sound from your old stereo system.

You are now free to move around and enjoy the awesome sounds your movie is made with instead of the tiny speaker on your phone.

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