How to make cubed steak in a mushroom/onion & gravy


Let's start this easy peasy dish by first washing the cubed steaks and drying them up

Slice each steak into long strips

Season the beef with Sylvia's all purpose seasoning. If you can't find this use any all purpose seasoning EXCEPT Adobo Goya. Do not use this in this recipe. Cont.' by adding some b. pepper to taste.

Chop up your mushrooms and slice up your onions. Oops no pics of onions but everyone knows how to slice onions right?

Grab a cast iron pot. If you dont have one don't fret any heavy duty pan will do. Add some oil. Wait until it gets super hot!

Add the beef in portions. No overcrowding please.

Just like this. We need to fry the beef not steam them. Lol😋

They are nicely browned. This is achieved of course by not overcrowding the pan thus causing steam.😃

The beef is all browned. I set them aside in a covered bowl

Now it's time to cook our mushrooms. Lower the heat to medium and add a tbs or two of olive oil to the hot pan.

Add the mushrooms

Add salt to taste

All browned yum, now let's remove them to a bowl

I put my shrooms in a little bowl, now I will keep them warm. You do the same

Let's do the same to the onions. If needed add a tbs more of oil. Cook the onions for a few minutes. DO NOT overcook the onions. They will continue cooking in the gravy.

Once the onions have softened a little, add two of the three minced garlics. Cook for a minute or two and remove immediately. Add it to the same bowl you put the mushrooms in.

Now let's deglaze the pan with the red wine. Take a spoon and stir the pan mixing in the wine.

Cook the wine until it is reduced by half.

The garlic

Some cracked pepper

Ok now let's make a buerre blanc, which is basically a roux. Take the flour and butter and mix together.

Now let's add the onions and mushrooms to the gravy

Now comes the beef. It is the last thing we want to add to the hot gravy. We don't want to continue cooking the beef. This will happen if we leave it in the gravy too long, so lower the heat to low.

Serve immediately. Enjoy over white rice or egg noodles

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