How to make matzo balls

Cut open a nice box of matzo ball mix :)

Empty the desired boxes into a bowl.

Crack eggs and mix in needed vegetable oil.

Combine egg mixture and matzo mix.

Mix until a nice chunky consistency. Now set it in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

fridge life ✌

Start to boil some water with salt. Kosher of course

Roll out some wax paper and get the mix from the fridge.

Roll them out! It's a pain but worth it. And they smell good.

They shouldn't be too big... About as big as the pit of a giant avocado (not those tiny Walmart ones).

Now add about 20 to the boiling water and let sit for approximately 10-15-20 minutes until they are thoroughly cooked. The time varies if they are big or small so pay attention. These are big, ~20.

Pull them out when they look squishy. Testing one before will help. (And also act as a tasty snack ;-) )

Continue cooking the rest of the balls that were waiting. They'll probably end up in a matzo ball soup, right?!

I don't like them in the soup so I get to keep some for myself 😎 muahaha

Ssooouuupppp! (I was 15 when I wrote this guide, excuse the excitement.) 🍵


Watch the video: Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Matzoh Ball Soup

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